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How an erotic massage proceeds

To experience an erotic massage to the fullest it is very important to feel secure, relaxed an have trust in the skills of the masseuse. To make sure the client feels comfortable it helps to dim the lights, play some Read More →

Lingam massage

Lingam massage is a massage using special techniques and touch the intimate parts of a man in a specific way. The focus is on giving the male a sensual and sexual experience without focusing on the orgasm. Soft, hard, pressing Read More →

Prostate massage

One area that usually gets forgotten when thinking about massages is the prostate. A prostate massage can be a great experience. It can help treat issues with the prostate and enhance the sexual feelings to give the client more confidence Read More →

Erotic massage

A massage can help the body and mind relax after a lot of stress an exhaustion. Besides that an erotic massage can provide a sensual and relaxing experience without being cheap or sleazy. A good masseuse can give a well Read More →

Relax massage

Most clients that are looking to book a massage want to relax and release stress. A relax massage can provide a great relaxing experience. A relax massage can help clear the body and mind of stress, make you sleep better, Read More →

Therapeutic massage

Massage is a treatment which is used for relaxation of body and mind. Therapeutic massage is a specific kind of massage that has a focus on treating health issues like muscle ache, sport injuries and relaxation for structutral mental and Read More →