A massage can help the body and mind relax after a lot of stress an exhaustion. Besides that an erotic massage can provide a sensual and relaxing experience without being cheap or sleazy. A good masseuse can give a well preformed, professional, complex and sophisticated erotic massage. Next to the widely known massage techniques like kneading and rubbing, erotic massage uses several distinct techniques to give you this great relaxing and arousing experience.
Erotic massage is a true art and an ancient technique which can treat people of any walk of life. Erotic massage can relief stress and stimulate the production of endorphins which makes the client feel happy and healthy. Next to that erotic massage treats parts of the body like the inner thighs and breasts to give the massage a sensual and erotic feel. The boundaries for the masseuse and client will be discussed before the erotic massage starts, that way the client can enjoy the massage and relax while being treated by a professional masseuse.


Several massage techniques are used during an erotic massage. Techniques like kneading, stroking, applying pressure and touching are used to relax the body and slowly bring it to an ecstatic state. The massage will start with soft touches to make sure the client can relax and get used to the touch of the masseuse. Slowly the treatment will build up to switching several techniques and treating more areas to build up the erotic energy. Slowly also the sensual areas of the body will be treated with touching, stroking and kneading. Personal requests can be incorporated in the treatment. For instance, certain personal sensual areas can be treated or attention can be given to stretch and relax certain areas to be able to provide an individual sensual massage.

Why book an erotic massage?

Clients book an erotic massage for various reasons. People that are coping with sexual issues and unsatisfying sex lifes can be helped with an erotic massage. The personal sexual energy will be boosted and by getting an erotic massage together with your partner the emotional and sexual bond can grow stronger. Also people who are single or don’t have a satisfying active sex life can benefit from a sensual treatment. Clients that are dealing with stress related health issues that affects the sex drive and sex life can benefit strongly from a relaxing and arousing erotic massage. Besides the clear sexual benefits, a sensual treatment can enhance the health of the client. Stress related health issues like tension head aches and tiredness can be treated. This massage also helps to increase the energy level of the client which benefits both the daily life and the sexual energy. Booking an erotic massage is way more than some well deserved time to pamper yourself.