For a special experience, allow yourself to take up by two ladies. The 4-Hands Massage is a refinement of symmetrical massage given by a large amount nature hot oil. Long strokes over the body which evenly on both sides of the body are used.

A four handed massage is a special experience. The client will be massaged by two people which operate like one being. The masseuses are experienced and have worked together regularly, so the massage will feel like one person is massaging with four hands at the same time. By using four hands for this massage, the client isn’t able to focus on the technique and is encouraged to let go and enjoy the massage. The therapists mirror the movements of each other and treat the same areas on the left and right side of the body simultaniously. For example, your right and left arm are massaged at the same time. Four handed massage is also known as duo massage, referring to the use of two massage therapists at the same time.

During the massage the client will be treated on the areas he or she requested. By communicating the areas in the body that feel tense or are lightly injured. The massage can give both a relaxing and healing experience.There are different techniques used to give the client a memorable relaxing experience.  Stroking, kneeding and stretching are techniques that are used to relax the muscles and make the client feel at ease. This experience will give the client a relaxing and healed feeling in both body and mind. When requested, the massage can be used to relax or to give a more sensual feeling.

60 min. 90 min. 120 min. 180 min. 240 min.
HK$800 HK$1100 HK$1400 HK$2000 HK$2600
Four Hands Massage
60 Min
90 Min
120 Min
180 Min
240 Min