Are you staying in a Hong Kong hotel and looking for a massage as soon as possible? What other way to enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own hotel room. Our massage service can provide a massage faster in your room than it would take you to go outside and find a massage parlor. Most massage parlors are closed after 12, we provide a 24 hour service so you can enjoy a massage anytime in your hotel room. Our masseuses are able to go to most hotels in Hong Kong. Most hotels approve of a masseuse visiting your room.

Hotel massage benefits

Having a masseuse come to the hotel room to provide a professional and relaxing massage has quite some advantages. The client and masseuse can clean up in the bathroom before and after the massage. The privacy and comfort of your hotel room will most likely be closest to the comfort of your own home when travelling. The environment will provide a nice and relaxing place to fully enjoy the massage without being disturbed by noises or other clients. The masseuses of Hong Kong Massage are professional, well trained and experienced massage therapists. There is no need to go out and look for a suitable massage parlor, our masseuses have had a lot of happy custumors and can provide one of the best massages in Hong Kong. The hotel massage is a reliable and easy way to book a good quality massage.

Different massage services

We have different kinds of massage given by different masseuses with each their own specialties. For every client and every personal preference we can offer a professional and individual massage. People dealing with stress, tiredness, tension head aches and muscle stiffness can benefit from one of our massages. Also clients with small health issues can be treated with a nice relaxing massage. People suffering from muscle aches and muscular pains can try a Thai massage for example. The massages we offer are the following:

You can also have two masseuses visit you for a Four hands massage or Couples massage. Please contact us for any questions or individual preferences, we are happy to provide the most personal massage experience as possible.