To experience an erotic massage to the fullest it is very important to feel secure, relaxed an have trust in the skills of the masseuse. To make sure the client feels comfortable it helps to dim the lights, play some soft music and create a nice atmosphere for you to feel good. After the client washed up and lies comfortable the erotic massage can begin slowly to get in the mood. The masseuse will start with touching, kneading and stroking the body to make the client accustom with her touch.
When the body and mind are at ease and the client is getting used to the touching of the masseuse the erotic massage can build up to touching and kneading of sensitive and erotic parts of your body. Besides the body parts that usually get treated during a massage, like the back, shoulders and neck, sensual and erotic places can get the attention of the masseuse during the erotic massage. Certain areas of the body can get extra attention when requested. During a typical erotic massage areas like the scrotum and penis will be touched in different ways to maximize the pleasure during the erotic massage.

Special preferences erotic massage

Our massueses are professional and skilled massage therapists and can handle personal requests from the client. When a client has special preferences, a disability, sore areas to handle with care or any other personal request our masseuses will incorporate the requests in the massage routine. The masseuses are very experienced and have seen clients of all walks of life. The most important part of the erotic massage is to make the client feel at ease during the massage and feel comfortable in their own skin. By treating areas that are known as erotic and arousing spots of the body the massage will make the body feel sensual and sexual. By incorporating areas that are personal erotic spots of the body the massage therapist is able to give the most arousing and individual massage as possible.

Erotic massage and sex

A professional erotic massage and sex are two separate things but they are very connected with each other. An erotic massage can bring the client to a high and even get to an orgasm. By treating the more erotic and sexual parts of the body the client can enjoy his own sexualty in a private and professional environment. An erotic treatment can help enhance the sex life and treat sexual issues as a low libido, insecure feelings on the sexuality or body and boost the sexual energy. A treatment like this massage can help clients that are struggling with their sex life or that like a little boost of sexual energy.