Lingam massage is a massage using special techniques and touch the intimate parts of a man in a specific way. The focus is on giving the male a sensual and sexual experience without focusing on the orgasm. Soft, hard, pressing and gliding touches and strokes will be used to treat the intimate parts of the male body. The variation of techniques and switch between slow and fast movements makes this an exciting massage. By treating the whole body, the sexual tension will be felt within the entire body and enhance the sexual tension. Besides that it can help treat sexual problems and improve issues with the prostate.

The treatment

The massage will normally start with getting into a comfortable position in a space where both the client and masseuse feel at ease. Some breathing exercise can help to relax, after that the masseuse will start with the actual massage and work her way to the exciting high of the treatment. The most important aspect of the massage is the overall sexual feeling and positive tension experienced by the client. An orgasm can happen and is experienced as a pleasant side effect of the massage. By treating the whole body the client can experience an energy and pleasure he is not used to. Learning to relax and enjoy the moment are key to make a lingam massage an unforgettable experience.

Benefits lingam

Lingam massage is a special kind of treatment which has its focus on relaxing and arousing the body of the client. By relaxing the body and mind and enjoying the massage the client can experience a relaxed feeling of living in the here and now. Because the relaxing part of traditional massages is combined with the focus on treating the intimate parts of the male body the client will not wander off to his own dream world, but will be enjoying the massage and the arousing feelings that the massage will give. Clients can feel in touch with their sexuality and sexual feelings again. Also both the body and mind have had the time to relax and feel light and new after the treatment. A lingam massage can help break sexual and emotional blocks that have been building up by stress and tiredness. The masseuse can help the client break trough these blocks and feel back in touch with their own feelings and sexuality. A great way to give both the body and mind some well deserved time to relax and feel great.