One area that usually gets forgotten when thinking about massages is the prostate. A prostate massage can be a great experience. It can help treat issues with the prostate and enhance the sexual feelings to give the client more confidence in his sex life. It is used for sexual and medical purposes. Also, treating men with a prostate massage will surely be a massage he will not forget. By focusing on the prostate and using serval techniques to make the client feel relaxed and aroused a prostate massage will make the client feel great during and after the massage.


By using both soft and harder techniques the masseuse will find out quickly what the client prefers and how the tension can be build up continuously. Applying pressure, stroking and vary the speed and touch will build up the sensual feeling of the client. A relaxed feeling and trust in the knowledge and capability of the masseuse are important to completely enjoy the prostate massage. Several techniques are using during the treatment to treat prostate issues, build up tension and help the body and mind relax. The masseuse can tell by applying more pressure on certain areas what makes the client feel comfortable and which tecnique can help treat health issues and sexual problems.

Prostate massage benefits

Prostate massage has been around for many centuries and has proven its use for both sexual and health issues. It can help treath prostate problems and even help prevent prostate cancer. By treating this area the prostate gets the attention it deserves and health issues can be addressed. The massage can help treat areas of the prostate in which the energy can’t flow freely, physical health issues will be noticed earlier and treating the prostate can help treat health issues like clogged vains. Also emotional issues like stress that causes sexual problems can be eased out during the massage and give the client renewed sexual energy. Besides that a prostate massage will give the client an unforgettable relaxing and sexual experience which can help with issues in the sex life of the client.