Massage is a treatment which is used for relaxation of body and mind. Therapeutic massage is a specific kind of massage that has a focus on treating health issues like muscle ache, sport injuries and relaxation for structutral mental and fysical issues. Therapeutic massage asks for specialist experience with several mental and fysical issues. When problems like tension head ache, muscle ache, whiplash or all over tension occur therapeutal massage could be a very helpfull tool.

Massage therapists have knowledge of the human body which exeeds the knowledge needed for relaxtion massages. Massage therapists can treat several mental and fysical issues by applying pressure on specific muscles and pressure points on the body to relieve tension. Injuries caused by an accident or sport injuries can be relieved by treating the areas with problems by massage. Massage can help to speed up the healing process, release tension in muscles and massage out certain muscle pains.

The biggest difference between relaxation massage and therapeutic massage is that relaxation massage has it´s focus on relaxing the body and mind whilst therapeutic massage has a clear goal to relieve pain and tension in certain areas of the body. Therapeutic massage can be part of a larger treatment plan to treat a patient with certain health issues. Hong Kong Massage offers professional massage therapists which are experienced and certified to offer therapeutic massage in order to help relieve pain and speed up the healing process.